HydroPower Performace Engineering Inc.
Leaders In Turbine Testing.

The testing methodology followed at HydroPower Performance Engineering has been developed over more than twenty-five years of experience in the field. Our methods not only produce the highest quality results, exceeding all international standards, but they also allow us to deliver all test documentation before leaving the test site. That means there's no waiting for weeks or months for analysis to be completed and decisions to be made.

Test Equipment & Calibration

  • All instrumentation used to measure the input and output have a very high accuracy (0.05% or better)
  • All instrumentation will be calibrated on-site with high accuracy calibrators that are certified by the national calibration standard
  • Instrumentation is checked on a continuous basis during the test to ensure the accuracy and precision of the test

Performance Test Procedure

  1. Evaluate the turbine and unit operation
  2. Design a test program to measure the unit performance characteristics
  3. Measure the unit flow at the highest international standards
  4. Analyze the test data and deduce the unit performance
  5. Identify the best operating conditions
  6. Present the incremental cost of deviating from best efficiency operating point
  7. Develop operating tables (ratio tables)


All delivarables are submitted to the customer prior to leaving the test site, immediately after completing the performance test. The deliverables include the following:

  • Test data
  • Test calibration
  • Test results
  • Test reports

If you have any questions about our methodology or testing philosophy feel free to contact us.