HydroPower Performace Engineering Inc.
Leaders In Turbine Testing.

HydroPower Performance Engineering provides full-serviced hydro-electric testing services. We work with our clients to determine the optimal testing requirements and scenarios and deliver the highest quality consultation possible. All of our hydro-electric testing practices exceed the strictest international standards for accuracy and precision. Our experienced employees have in-depth knowledge of testing practices and standards gained through hundreds of tests across North America.

Below are several of the common tests that HydroPower Performance Engineering routinely performs for our customers. We aim to be your total solution for HydroPower performance testing. We can provide consultation on these and any other requirements you may have. Feel free to contact us with questions about the services we offer.


  • Acceptance tests to determine if the new or rehabilitated unit achieved the designed condition
  • Measure the unit flow under different operating conditions with official water usage for power generation
  • Operating performance tests to determine the best operating characteristics to maximize power production from the available resources


  • Index Tests
  • Full Efficiency Tests Using Pressure-Time Method
  • Full Efficiency Tests Using Current-Meter Method
  • Full Efficiency Tests Using Acoustic Method